Zynani Nakhid Aesthetics 


Our mission is characterized by a love and an understanding of beauty, beauty products, and their application. This involves specialized knowledge of  fashion, hair, nails, body types, skin types, facial shapes as well as professional courtesy and client attentiveness. We are passionate about delivering quality services that positively enhance the desires of our clients' individuality.




My History


      Zynani Nakhid Aesthetics (ZNA) started from an idea that everyone deserves to look their best, feel their best and to know how. From a young child growing up as an "odd" kid, I always struggled with wanting to be myself and wanting to look my best, but not knowing that I could do both, at the same time. So I started sewing my own clothes and later on, started sewing for my friends and family. I became very good at it, but that wasn't it. There was more to it than just clothing. I was intrigued by the whole package. I wanted to be my version of beautiful from head to toe. So, that is where it truly started. I learned about hair, makeup, nails and grooming. That opened up a whole new world for me. From there, I wanted to share that feeling of being pleased with how my appearance accurately represented me in the best way possible.

       Not everyones' idea of perfection is the same. This is where ZNA comes in. With an Aesthetc Analysis, we can help our clients learn about their body type, facial shape, hair texture, skin type, nail shape, natural brow shape, and learn their fashion likes. We can also discuss with them, their (healthy) image goals and assist them to create a long term or short term plan to achieve them... ALL. 

        ZNA simply put, is me, along with my associates helping people to reach their perfection. Our business stands out from other Style businesses because we can handle every aspect of our clients' aesthetics to achieve their best possible look as well as taking care of their regular aesthetic maintenance. So it is not just about looking good, but it is also about feeling good about how you look. Not only can we handle every aspect of our clients' aesthetics but we can also refer and expose our clients to personal trainers, cosmetics doctors, massage therapists, motivational therapists, skincare regimes, holistic medicines and anything else my client might need during their journey. Let me help you be your best and look your best. 


My Expertise


        I have been self taught and classically trained by some amazing seamstresses, fashion designers, stylists and cosmetologists. I attended a private art college for Fashion Design but I did not "fit in their box". I have had two successful tailor companies before realizing I wanted and could do more. In 2012, I attended Stevenson Academy of Hair Design and attained my Cosmetology license in 2013. I continue to study and learn new techniques everyday as I travel around the world and acquire new tecniques.

        In 2010, I was featured in Essence Magazine for my styling and haircare expertise. In 2011, I was sought out to be the Wardrobe Coordinator for Essence Music Festival. Through that oppurtunity, I have had the chance to work with a lot of "A" list musicians; Usher, Kanye West, Beyonce, Charlie Wilson, New Edition, Fantasia, Mary J. Blige, and Prince among many others.

       In 2013, I had the opportunity to be apart of Rihanna's Style team all while continuing to sew for my local clients which happened to include two dance companies, one college dance team and several high school dance teams as well. I also continued to style hair, nails and brows at a New Orleans based salon and a national franchise salon. In that same year I was able to get my first publication as a hair stylist in a New Orleans based childrens' fashion & lifestyle magazine, Fohr Mag.

       In 2014, I was a part of Pharrel Williams' style team as a seamstress and was able to have a hand in his 2014 NBA Allstar Performance and his 2014 Oscar Performance. Everyday I am gaining new experiences that aid in my ability to help individuals realize their potential.     


My Commitment


        My commitment is always to ensure that my clients and everyone around me feels and looks their most beautiful. To reaffirm positive beauty image and to help others embrace their individuality as a sign of their unique perfection.