Zynani Nakhid Aesthetics (ZNA) is all about helping people find their aesthetic potential. It is not just about attaining the "LOOK," but all about finding your "LOOK". Everyone desires to look their best and deserves to know how to achieve the "LOOK" that maximizes their potential. We should all
know our best assets and how to accentuate them. Zynani Nakhid Aesthetics can help to build, achieve, and maintain aesthetic goals, through our various services which include but are not limited to tailoring, hair styling, image consulting, design concepts, closet organizing as well as aesthetic curating. We are passionate about delivering quality services that positively enhance the desires of our clients' individuality.


I'm Zynani (Z) Roussel, a native of New Orleans. Licensed Cosmetologist & Cosmetology Instructor, visual artist, couturier and aesthetic stylist. ZNA is my brainchild that focuses on expressing ourselves at our highest form.